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Welcome to our photo site! My name is Mark Schaefer and I have always had a passion for photography beginning at an early age. Racing and taking photos of racecars is definately the passion. Over the years I have taken photos at several dirt tracks in the midwest. In being able to travel around I have met some of the best photographers around and learned a lot from each of them. In 2007 I decided to start this site to display the photos that was being taken just for a hobby. As the years progressed the quality of the photos progressed as well. Though my girlfriend and I travel around as much as we can to dirt tracks, there are some tracks local to us you will find mostly on our site. Brownstown Speedway is our home track in which I am the track photographer at. We offer many other things, besides just photos. We offer custom graphic photos, autograph cards, photos as large as 6', mouse pads, coffee mugs, key chains, buttons and many other items as well as tee shirts. With that said, thank you for taking a look at our photos. We strive to do the best job we can and improve with each snap of the shutter release. Keep checking back for updates. Photos are updated frequently.

For any information you may need please feel free to contact me at the following:

Schaefer Photos & Custom Tees
Mark Schaefer or 812-343-6255

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